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Fashion is actually a benefit and discovery for the lodge at any given time. It is largely a way of life for a person or a group of people. In this way, it incorporates a long list of human activities. Fashion is an ongoing process and a strong trend that governs the world and is ubiquitous in the world. It differ from region to region and community to community. Fashion is something that goes hand in hand with the art of clothing and accessories.


Fashion is the way in which a particular style or style introduces people and many of them follow it in their lives. Designers or stylists are people who create new human designs over time. And they change or add new things to the creation and in this way, introduce new things in time.

Nowadays the cost of clothing is very high because the garment is not produced in size so the cost goes up. There are many categories where fashion prevails and is popular among people of any community or region.


Fashion is the type of expression or appearance displayed by people in the community. When a particular style is introduced among the people, its popularity increases with the response of the people. If the answer is yes, then other manufacturers are starting to copy the same style. In this way that particular style becomes popular.

After the height of a certain style, it approaches its peak. People are starting to copy it and this style is happening on all levels at different prices. Manufacturers monitor customer response to a particular style so that even the slightest hint of acceptance jumps on them to take the product in bulk. This reduces production costs per garment and leads to more acceptance. Such situations, in many cases, lead to ‘deception’ or ‘Knockoffs’. Knockoffs is a cheap design modification, which gets a good response. They are expensive because of the many economic versions of textiles, cuts and finishing techniques used.

After gaining high popularity, the design goes down to its quest. Because people get tired this way or that way and get a new one to use. After that there is a need for new construction by manufacturers. The fashion cycle phase changes over time. A particular style was immediately accepted and rejected very quickly. So the process goes on.


Fashion is another form of entertainment: the imitation of a model pleases the community of needs and is generally accepted by the individual. Fashion is a way of marking social, and celebrity.

Throughout the ages, different peoples have different styles and fashions. The 1980’s was probably fashionable and at the time, men and women wore attractive clothing and jewelry. The 80s fashion was very much focused on simple clothes and fashion accessories. The women at that time wore dresses adorned with diamonds and sequins and large gold earrings with a pearl necklace. These things have shown their wealth and success. Women’s hair was also generally curly, large and very stylish with beautiful beads and colored pins. Men also wear tracksuits and sports jerseys with straight leg jeans and wrap jeans to show off their new socks with cowboy boots. So at that time, men and women wore very different clothing, which was not acceptable in the 1920’s.

Today, people are very modern and their styles are also unique and different. In Pakistan people dress according to their provinces. Different provinces show different types of fashion and styles followed by the people who live there. Similarly in Punjab, people mostly wear shalwaar kameez and men wear jeans and half-sleeved shirts in summer. Fashion varies from region to region and from society to community. If one local community dresses in a certain style in the same way another community in another area wears clothes of a different style. So it depends on the people how they can follow the style and accept it.

In the same way, different countries have different styles or fashion according to their preferences. The four major modern fashion capitals of London, Paris, New York City are all the most notable and outstanding fashion companies for their significant contribution to global fashion.

Similarly the media plays an important role when it comes to fashion. Different types of new and unique designs can be found on television, newspapers, social media and fashion blogs. In recent years, you tube channels and fashion blogs  are become a great thing to lay out fashion trends and fashion tips, making an online ways for spreading your style on any fashion website or Instagram account. The videos as a whole have been a great help in promoting the fashion industry. This is evident not only in television shows that directly show the fashion industry, but also in movies, events, and music videos featuring fashion statements and promotional products.

The conclusion

In the end, fashion becomes a part of modern society and people cannot live without it. Because fashion reflects the look and feel of people. Fashion has covered every corner of the globe. We can say that fashion trends are somehow related to technology. In today’s world, it is common for people to take their fashion for granted. No doubt it is important because it reflects the culture of any country. People of the ages are user to new tendency in the fashion world. Today people are copying modern westerns and that is not good because western culture is empty and western people are spiritually dead. In this modern age women have more opportunities to use a different type of fashion for their own beauty. So it is good to embrace a new fashion trend and this world continues with different fashion styles. Women need new styles for their dress and hair which they can adopt. Fashion is very important especially for ladies because they worry for their beauty and styles for than men. So fashion is considered as important part of every person in this world.

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