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Border tensions between India and China again but ready for talks

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India and China have agreed to renegotiate a workable mechanism for consultation and cooperation on the disputed border.
According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, the 13th round of talks between senior commanders between India and China was held on October 10. Since then, talks between the two neighbors have stalled.
The two countries have agreed to resume talks this month, but no date has been set yet.
According to the newspaper, officials in Delhi and Beijing have said that the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination (WMCC) will need to work hard to resume talks on border issues.
It should be noted that during the 13th meeting of the military commanders of the two sides, the Chinese Army (PLA) had refused to return to its position in April 2020 permanently.
According to the Hindustan Times, in May 2020, the Chinese military unilaterally changed the ground positions of the two countries’ troops using a large number of troops and rejected the 1597 km long Line of Actual Control adjoining Ladakh. Was
Later in the talks, the Chinese army agreed to temporarily withdraw from its current position, but India’s position was that the armies on both sides should move permanently to their former position. Since then, talks between India and China have stalled.
It should be noted that in June 2020, 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers were killed in a clash between Chinese and Indian troops in the Gulwan Valley on the Line of Actual Control.
A video went viral on social media in India last week, sparking widespread controversy.
This video shows PLA soldiers grabbing Indian soldiers exhausted from their wounds. Indian social media users raised questions about the video and criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Installation of modern integrated defense system in Arunachal
According to India TV News, the Indian Army has set up defensive positions in Arunachal Pradesh linked to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has stepped up military exercises across the border. These newly integrated defense locations include complete communications, surveillance, operations and logistics systems at various locations of the LAC.
According to the report, there is a complete defense mechanism under which attack helicopters and large guns can be activated in a few minutes.
Such defenses are being set up by India in Arunachal Pradesh with the LAC to thwart any threat or emergency.
The defense system set up in Arunachal Pradesh includes major upgraded vintage L70 air defense guns, Bofors and M777 Howitzer.
The upgraded vintage L-70 air defense guns have advanced target achieving and automatic target tracking capabilities with all-weather high-resolution electro-optical sensors.
Indian Army Captain Saria Abbasi has also briefed the media about the upgraded L-70 air defense guns installed along the Line of Actual Control near Tuang in Arunachal Pradesh.

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