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What do you think of when you hear the name Samantha? Samantha was once the most popular girl’s name in the United States and United Kingdom, especially in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Samantha’s Secret Identity

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What do you think of when you hear the name, Samantha? Samantha was once the most popular girl’s name in the United States and the United Kingdom, especially in the late 1960s and early 1970s. However, it has recently been overtaken by names like Emma and Olivia and it might be on its way out. But we can all remember one character who has made this name famous—the intrepid Samantha Jones from Sex and the City!(Samantha’s Secret Identity)

When we first meet Samantha Jones in Season One of Sex and The City, she seems so cool, so edgy. She’s bold and brash, with a crazy (though hilarious) wardrobe and a take no prisoners attitude that makes her one of my favorite characters in all of pop culture. Yet there is something missing from Samantha—something I can’t quite put my finger on…until now. Please welcome Samantha Jones: superhero!


Superhuman Strength
According to Twentieth Century Fox, Samantha Jones’s name is inspired by actress Sam Fox, who at one time in her life worked as a stripper under a stage name. In I Love New York, however, Carrie can be seen reading a newspaper with an image of actor Samantha Eggar (later known as Samantha Eggar-Plumber) on it.(Samantha’s Secret Identity)

Ability to Spin So Fast She Can Fly
The truth behind Samantha’s ability to spin at superhuman speeds is one of TV’s best-kept secrets. Ever wonder how she flies? The answer will shock you. It turns out Samantha’s power comes from a villainous place: She was born with anti-gravity particles in her body, which allow her to spin so fast that it creates a vortex strong enough to pull her into the air. Oh, and those tears?

Powers Include Immortality, Healing, X-Ray Vision, and Super Intelligence
Invented by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, X-ray vision may be a superpower unique to Superman, but his cousin has a surprising set of her own. When introduced in 1961, Samantha (what she was called for years before finally being renamed) was an alien from Venus who was gifted with otherworldly abilities—including immortality, healing, x-ray vision, and (superintelligence).

Her Enemies Include Doctor Faustus, M.O.N.T.E., The Great Question, Torpedo Girl
Who is Samantha? She always wears a mask, and that name seems to be a pseudonym. We can assume from her fight with The Great Question (who asked her why she was wearing a mask) that her secret identity isn’t known by many people or it would have been used as ammunition against her in their argument. As she fought with Doctor Faustus there were pieces of paper on the ground which showed ‘mysterious equations’ on them, but we don’t know if these are related to who Samantha really is.
She Is Over 100 Years Old
In a photo that has been circulating online, a woman wearing a gray tank top and blue jeans appear to have wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, gray hair in a messy bun, and sagging facial skin. Her name is Samantha Futerman (or Kim Peek), but she’s not who you think she is. In fact, she’s not even human—she’s an animated character named Cogsworth from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast.
he Has Worn Many Costumes
The most famous African American superheroine of all time has gone by many names over her 60-year comic book history. Created by writer Dwayne McDuffie and artist Ernie Colon, aka Cojo, in 1975’s Heavy Hitters #1, Sam’s identity has changed more than a few times since she debuted as an orphan with superhuman powers who took on various jobs to support herself.(Samantha's Secret Identity)

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