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Technology is the mixture  of different skills, , methods, and processes. It is used in the production of things  or services or in accordance with objectives, including  scientific research. Today it is a very important tool in this era. People rely entirely on this modern technology. Technology started from the beginning and is now the most advanced tool in the world. It is an important tool in solving world problems.

A clear type of technology is the construction and use of the first tools. History is a testament to how technology began in small things and now has the widest scope in the world.


Technology has many consequences. At first the calls were not available and people could not communicate from far away. They had to send letters or notes on birds to convey their message. But today with the help of this technology people can easily communicate in any part of the world. Many questions have been resolved. Phones become a source of communication for the people of this country. With the advent of this technology, sophisticated technology has been developed, and scientists have developed cell phones to make it easier for humans. With cell phones people can come together and stay connected to this small invention in a remote area. Apart from this simple fact, cell phones are also a source of entertainment for people. People can play games and listen to music on mobile phones and can make a sum using calculators provided on mobile phones. Technology is not limited to this invention. but it has so many different things to describe. Television is a basic need of every home these days. Because television is a source of entertainment for people and especially for children. There are many entertainment channels. People can watch different types of Pakistani shows on different channels. Today Bol is the most popular station in Pakistan. On this channel. Bol Entertainment is on the run and is the most popular program now days. The show is hosted by Danish Taimoor, Pakistan’s most famous actor. This is because of modern technology that people can watch Bol live entertainment on their TV.

Outside of these shows. Too many games are fun. Apart from these inventions, the computer is the most invention in the world. It has changed a man’s life. Now a modern computer is a basic requirement of any company or institution. Apart from these, there are so many new things where technical skills have developed. Technology has become the basic need of every single in this modren era. Technology has helped us to think about building physical learning environments and expanding relationships between students, teachers. Technology is a very powerful tool for transforming learning. It can help to strengthen and enhance the relationship between teachers and students

Our schools, community colleges, and universities develop unique experiments and inventions. People should be involved in learning, discovering new knowledge and quickly seeking new skills with their students. .

In the modern era of science, no one can service without technology. It has various forms such as mobile phone, computer and much more.

Technology has become very popular in the medical field. Now laser treatment is available for patients.

We are so addicted to this technology that we can’t even imagine anything without it. We relied on this invention over time and forgot about other important things as well.



First, the advent of technology is beneficial to humans for a number of reasons. In the field of medicine, technology can help to cure many ailments and thus save many lives and fight off the most dangerous germs and viruses. Technology also improves everyday life; by allowing you to move to real storage units in additional storage banks and more. Scientists at that time could also send astronomical observations to the moon. In the current industrial era, machinery does most of the agricultural and industrial activities and as a result, workers produce more goods and goods than a century ago and work less. They can exercise and work in safe areas without any problems


On the other hand, the emergence of modern technology has its drawbacks, for example, the inadequacy of new technologies. One cannot think because of this. Even he himself needs a calculator of very small numbers and relies entirely on it to make mental health worthless. Technology is wasting a very important time for a man. In some places, devices can replace the human mind. People now feel more comfortable and don’t even think about doing a little work because they know they have the latest technology for the job so this is not good for them. This leads to less human activity: a person becomes more and more obsolete day by day, as processes become mechanical and tasks are made less important. People totally rely on these new inventions and don’t even bother to do anything of their own. Because they know that they have new technologies and they can use them without any query. These inventions have made people useless and idols who can’t even think about new inventions and explorations of things.


To strengthen ourselves, we can say that every good thing has some good and bad qualities too. We have to use technology in our best way without losing. We have to reduce laziness and try to create new things so that the world knows about new things that have been used. Technological skills are useful in this world and with these skills one has reached the moon and the depths of the sea. People become addicted to TV, cell phones, and computers and have made these things an integral part of their lives. But they should think smartly and use everything to the limit so that everyone avoids going back to these inventions. Similarly, we must continue to work and apply these technologies to our lives. We should try to explore new things that have not yet been developed. We need to make our minds work to do creative things.

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