Understand your computer?

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What does it mean to understand a computer because it is?
If you are running a program, you should understand the programs !!! Exactly but … The more we control our computer in terms of its operating system, the more we will be able to run our own programs.

Didn’t understand anything? Let me sample it a little more

(Windows operating system users can controject is very important. I will explain it in two written parts. In the first part, your I would like to make control of your computer possible … and in another article I will write a review of the software that will maintain the heal the speed and stability of their system by using the information contained in this article. This sublth of your computer for years).

Most of us computer users must have noticed from time to time that when Windows XP is installed, it is running on a big foot, but as the days go by, the speed of the Windows program decreases. It also takes time to load and load itself. This is possible because when the window starts, they take turns running their system processes first. And as we install new programs in Windows. The window register also gets heavier.

System processes

What will it be now? It is very simple that our operating system works on every hardware (such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker, sound, graphics card, hardener, hard disk, DVD, CD-ROM, etc.) in our computer. Their drivers have to be used in the program. This is a very simple introduction to Windows. If you understand it, you will almost understand the operating system.
So when the window starts, it runs all the drives in turn. Then it reads the registry where the software is listed that should run when the automatic window starts (this software we install manually and most of the user will know many software automatically start automatically Enter entries in the registry, such as Yahoo Messenger, MS In Messenger, sound card software, etc.

All of these programs run in RAM memory along with the software window in its process tray for system processes. We have to control those processes. Because it is very important that we allow the same programs to come into the system processes that we need full time. If not, their presence in the process tray will be a question mark on our own computer control. Like note … Yahoo Messenger … MSN Messenger Why do they need to run automatically? Run them only when they are needed.

Now press ctrl + alt + delete on your system now. Windows will show you how many programs are running in your RAM right now.


Take note now … These are all programs in your Process Explorer that are either running on your computer’s RAM memory or waiting for their turn. I will ask you a simple question. Do you know what these programs are and what their function is?

The question is very important because I, the computer users, know which programs are running in my computer at the moment and what is their function. (A hacking software that will hack you will also come in the same process tray).

It is very important for me to have my system processes under my control. I use all the programs in my computer so far … From graphics caching to the web … And when my computer is running, my system processes. And as soon as I run the program I need and when it shuts down, it must check that it has disappeared from the system process.

So now you can find yourself with your system processes by searching Google. Or you can ask me … It is important that you first understand how much control you have over your operating system. The name of each process program is listed in the process tree. Make a note of it and search on Google. Some unknown weird process is running in your process explorer. So it is very possible that both your operating system and you have been compromised (hacker, spam Trojan horse – adware).

(I am attaching the sys interlas process explorer with text. This is an upgraded version of the default process explorer)

So it is very important that you always let the software programs that you need come into your computer process tray. There is no point in having unknown programs in the process tree if you do not need them.

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